Guerrilla Geography and Social Studies

I collaborate with Dr. Lisa Millsaps (Department of Geography, University of Northern Iowa) on developing fresh ways for K-12 students to explore and learn from their surroundings through unconventional approaches.  This ongoing project was inspired by the Guerrilla Geography educational movement in the United Kingdom.

Thus far, Dr. Millsaps and I have co-authored a number of publications and open-source materials to benefit students and teachers, alike.  In November 2015, we designed a booklet entitled Mission: Explore Zoo, Call of the Wild.  The booklet accompanies our 2016 article published in the magazine Green Teacher. The article discusses how guerrilla geography can benefit place-based education.

We hope to advance our research by seeking grant funding to conduct pre-service and in-service workshops on integrating guerrilla geography into the social studies classroom.  


Green Teacher Article (Larsen & Tabor 2016):  Uncaging Imagination with Guerrilla Geography

imaginED Article:  Guerrilla Geography: Engaging Imagination in Ecological Education

Zoo Booklet:  Mission: Explore Zoo, Call of the Wild

Conference Presentations

2016    Larsen, T., and L.K. Millsaps. Guerrilla Social Studies. 2016 Kansas Council for Social Studies Conference. Abilene, KS.

Overview of Guerrilla Geography

Guerrilla geography was popularized by The Geography Collective from the United Kingdom. Founded by Daniel Raven-Ellison, the group creates new outlets for children to explore their communities. It is perhaps best-known for its Mission: Explore! book series. Each edition presents a new series of innovative and often silly missions. These missions encourage the child to experience places in different ways and ask questions about the things that make up these places.